Aero Fox

Aero Fox 1.0.5

A dark version theme that uses Aero like glassy buttons


  • Black stylish look, perfect for Vista


  • Icons in the address bar become very dark when passing over the mouse


Aero Fox is a theme for your Firefox browser which I am sure many of you will like. It adds a black, glossy style to your favourite browser, but apart from the main navigation bar and icons, it doesn’t change the way menus look.

This theme will probably look great with a Vista PC given the colours’ resemblance, but in computers with Windows XP installed, the blue bar at the bottom and at the top will not match at all.

What I also found strange is that when moving the cursor over an icon, instead of becoming brighter, as if you where ‘activating’ it, it becomes very dark, as if in some way you were switching it off – a counter-intuitive behaviour.

Furthermore, if you have many bookmarks saved in your toolbar, you will have trouble finding the arrow which brings you to the links that don’t fit in the bar.

That said, many users like it and it has become one of the most downloaded themes, so why not give it a try?

Aero Fox brings a black shiny look to your Firefox, and fits perfectly with Vista PC, but not necessarily with Windows XP’s bright blue style.

This is a dark theme using Aero style buttons and icons. It is largely based on Aquatint Dark theme but uses some features from Abstract Classic and Cobalt Firefox.

Aero Fox


Aero Fox 1.0.5

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